Today, Silka goes beyond skin care and beauty with The Silka ALAGA Scholarship program:
now Alagang Silka helps make college dreams come true!


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ALAGANG SILKA now extends ALAGA to making college dreams come true for deserving Filipino students with The Silka ALAGA Scholarship Program.

It is all about Alaga, for in the same way that SILKA has cared for women and their families for years, SILKA, on its 20th anniversary, extends its ALAGA to college students who need help in making their dreams of a better life, a reality.

You may be one of the 20 scholars we are looking for.

  1. You are a Filipino citizen, male or female.
  2. A legal resident of the Philippines.
  3. Set to enroll or currently enrolled in a Philippine college or university recognized by the government, in any year of the course you wish to pursue.
  4. Not a recipient of any other grant be it public or private.
  5. Member of a family with total income not exceeding P325,000 a year.
  6. graduate from senior high school or Grade 12.
  7. Your general academic average is 88% and you belong to the upper 15% of your class/batch.

You must have graduated senior high school in the top 15% of your senior high school graduating batch or you are currently in the top 15% of your college or university graduating batch. Your GENERAL AVERAGE must be at least 88%. Details as follows:

  1. You must have had no grade for any subject, lower than 85% or the institution’s grade equivalent.
  2. You must be of good moral standing and have no history of receiving disciplinary action or been part of criminal or civil charges.
  3. You must not be a recipient of any other scholarship or grant be it public or private.

Step 1: Register / Create an account in the Silka ALAGA Application Website

Step 2: Create a 2 to 3-minute video of yourself, upload it to YouTube and write an essay not exceeding 500 words on the following questions:

  • How do you think a SILKA scholarship can make your dreams come true?
    Paano matutupad ang pangarap mo kung mabigyan ka ng SILKA scholarship?
  • Why do you deserve to be a SILKA scholar?
    Bakit ikaw ang dapat mapili na maging SILKA Scholar?

Step 3: Prepare the required additional documents for submission in the FINAL Validation Process.

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The final scholars will be selected by a judging panel composed of officers from Cosmetique Asia, Inc. and educators.

The final scholars chosen will be notified by email and/or text.

Once awarded a Silka ALAGA Scholarship, the scholar will be contacted by our company representative on how they can avail of their scholarship grant.

All scholars will be assisted and required to coordinate with the company representative for the release of the scholarship grant.

*School openings are subject to CHED calendar
**Limitations of scholarships and requirements from scholars are provided for in scholarship contracts between Silka Cosmetique Asia Inc and recipient scholars

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